Monday, May 24, 2010

moving from one state to another...

tran·si·tion (trn-zshn, -ssh-)
1. Passage from one form, state, style, or place to another.

the school year can be summed up with that one word...

I transitioned from homeschooling to putting my middle son in a quasi junior high/elementary.
That was a huge adjustment.
He has never gone to school with the kids in the neighborhood.
He left for GATE in the first grade...and bounced around from there.
He LOVES that school is across the street.
He's also started the big....P...yep...
he's changing into a man.
What a transition...that's driving me
straight to my knees and into God's prayer thrown!
Next year will be hilarious for him...
He has to have his dad for getting around it!
Both my husband and I are a bit worried about that.

My oldest transitioned from junior high to high school...
and had been with the same kids since 1st grade.
They all had a groove going...
but alas...academics, abilities, sports and extra curricular
activities have parted them all...
taking their places in the cliques that will define them in high school.
He really didn't pick picked him!
ROTC came out of left field. I should have know he'd love the structure.
We're grateful for a place he feels he belongs...
and more importantly...a place to hang out at LUNCH!
But really, someone should have told me it was a very expensive activity!

My youngest did the most transitioning of all.
He still a Peter/Moses when things don't go according to his plan.
But instead of hitting straightway...he is verbalizing more.
His buddy from school was over and he just couldn't get himself past something...
and he started screaming...
"I'm so angry at you and angry at me and just angry."
I worry about him and his little angry self the most.
The bright side is the school hasn't called in two months. His teacher is fierce!
A thin hispanic woman who doesn't allow the kids to even move without a signal.
I know...rigid but it works great with him. There are never any surprises.
He now has playdates 'cause his little friends know he isn't going to attack.
We can actually go to the park with the grandmothers and nannies after school...
and not cringe wondering what's going to happen.
He still doesn't play the "playing games" too many variables and he just gets so
confused. And of course...when confused...acting out is not far behind!
I wish someone would give him a diagnosis so I could afford some therapy...but I'm just doing what I can from books and the internet!
Church is another matter. I gave him and ME a hiatus.
He's so inflexible, there are too many variables.
I know when I'm whipped, and it took too much energy to always be on guard!
My friend Ivy had one like Bry...and he she really has been a wealth of information.
Bry's starting to really become a first grader...
so proud of his first book report.
I KNEW it was going to be about trains...but he choose the statue of liberty!
That was a big surprise.


Since Bill's salary at the school is at it's base pay and all extra teaching, tutoring has been cut by the economy...
I see myself transitioning too.
The stress of not having the extra tutoring money has cause us to...
think about me subbing or getting a part time job.
When your husband says..."You could work while Bry's in school"...
that's a little hint.
I'm not opposed to working...but I know me.
I can get obsessed with it and it would become my focus and not the kids.
A little subbing wouldn't hurt...
and it would help with making ends meat.

are just a part of life.

but I'm excited summer is coming...
and even though there isn't extra money for a big vacation...
that's not going to stop me from making some memories.

VBS is coming! Pool and beach weather is coming!
My little nephew is coming and
my cousin is getting married in La Jolla!
I'm borrowing a camera, gussing up myself and the boys...
and getting ready to meet some NFL Colt players...
too bad Bill and I won't know who they are!

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