Thursday, February 04, 2010

Miracles in the street!

Yesterday, I looked passed the carpool lines and kids
crossing the street. I was looking for my "flash" kid.
A high wattage smile with dimples that reveal his rebel side.
If we could get his "Peter" mouth mentality under control...
The one who thinks gravity is this little force he can conquer.

He wasn't around.
He always stalls coming home.
He's my kid who NEVER
comes home right away!
He's probably on the other side of the school playing with friends
avoid chores and homework...
procrastinating ...defying gravity in some way or another.

Out from the trees towards the crosswalk came....

my daycare provider from when I was working!
The sweet woman who watched my two older boys for 3 years!

"Isabel!" I screamed and there in the middle of the street...
I hugged a woman who...
without me sound mushy
SAVED my sanity! EVERYDAY!

She had come back to California to care for her dying mother,
to help her daughter with her four kids, to get out of the Texas cold.

There in the middle of the street, after 6 years of not seeing her...we caught up.

She asked if the boys who the boys aides were. There are are none.
What special ed classes they were in... That would be none.
She wanted to know if Beebee (nicknames for the boys)
makes complete sentences (he didn't talk until he was 6)?
...has Ney Ney broken any bones lately and when was the
last time we visited the emergency room?
We haven't been to the emergency room in years.
Somehow he ALWAYS lands on his feet.
Things my big boys did, struggled with...

God had taken them away!

We went into my house and I got a paper towel. I NEVER have tissues!

She reminded me of... the little miracles that God give us.
The big miracles that God gives us.

The problem is
how far God has brought us!

God is Mighty to Save! He can bring us through valley,
onto the mountain, back through the valley and

And there we are...
seeing all these miracles...


LORD, I don't want to forget how far you've brought me!
How far you've brought my family!
How far you continue to bring us!



Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

How wonderful to come across those from our past :o) especially when it's unexpected!

Blessings & Aloha!
(from a Coastal Atlantic blogger to a Coastal Pacific blogger :o)

mimi said...

Oh Lorrie....this brought tears to my eyes!