Friday, June 05, 2009

What do you think?

Well by the time you read this (if it's Saturday) I'll be a Woman's Heritage conference in the glorious city of Fillmore (insert smirk here.)

Sitting among 100 other woman learning about being a woman and having a heritage?  
Don't I already know that.  Sounds like someone was trying to get out of the house on a Saturday morning.  (Didn't I just post about that?)

O.k. I am...but in my defense...there will be sound bible teaching, 
praise and worship and it's free.  You can't beat that.


What do you think?

Will I survive Nancy Leigh DeMoss?  (video only folks...this is Fillmore)?  What do you think of the Woman's Manifesto?  Have you heard of it?  If here.
If you you think feminism is taking over in the church?  

I know my stance...I just want to know ...

what do you think?
(Are you looking for my weigh in...I'm on the Fabulous Fit by Fall so I'm changing my weighing in until of yesterday I only had lost 1 lb.)


Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

Oh I agree wholeheartedly! This is what the word of God states--I don't quite understand how people have "misinterpreted" his instructions concerning the role of a woman in her home and in her church. He so clearly states that we are to be in submission. And Christ himself was submitted to God in all things!! Why do women of today put themselves above Christ?

Great discussion!

Bethany said...

I just read the manifesto--I hadn't heard of it. It looks right to me, according to what I know the Bible to teach. I hope you ladies have a good time today; I wanted to stay home with my family (even before I knew hubby would be gone today). I wish they would have these conferences on weekdays for those of us who could do that, and again on weekends for those who can't.

Lorrie said...

Joye for the Jouney you're so right. The conference was excellent. Boy...I thought I was biblical in my way of thinking about women but I had a few skewed points myself. God is so gracious to keep bringing things in my life to straighten me out.