Saturday, June 06, 2009

My Pot? runneth over...

True Woman's DVD Conference was awesome and 
thought provoking, but that's for a different post.

I signed the True Woman's Manifesto with no reservations
and really enjoyed myself.  The Faith Bible Church did such a nice 
job of having everything run smoothly, the food was great
...and it was ALL FREE.

At the end I got in the car with Vicki and Abbie to head home 
and listened in on Vicki's conversation with her husband.

She's thanking him for watching the children. 
 I thought...hmmmm, I'll do the same when I get mine on the phone.

My husband answers.  
I thank him for watching the kids.  
He says no problem and I'll see you later.  

That was brief.  I wonder if anything is wrong?


I have a teapot on the stove for tea and my oldest likes to drink tea as well.
He saw the bright red teapot and for some reason thought he'd get more tea if he boiled water in a pot that held more water.  So he found one I keep in the cupboard.
He filled it, and put my larger stainless steel teapot I have on the stove.

Our teapot that always sits on the stove looks something like this.

The stainless steel pot he used is (correction was)  an electric tea kettle.

It's no longer with us.

My husband put out the small stove fire without burning any of my favorite cup towels.  
 He said that tea pot burned outside for another 5 minutes before he could get it to stop burning.  Thanks Bill for keep the boys save during the stove fire.
I'm impressed no "cute" cup towels were harmed in putting out of the fire.

God's word wasn't the only thing burning on Saturday.
Apparently so was my ole' electric tea pot.

Blessings and don't forget to hit your local house of worship tomorrow.
I'll be with our junior high band as a band mom at a local church where they're performing.
My son is the lone tuba player.



Bethany said...

I have done this (insert red face here). I used to accidently turn on the burner every now and then under my ELECTRIC tea kettle, and not notice till that special smell of melting plastic started to drift around the house. I am a moron, I know. No more electric tea kettles in my home, like, ever.

Lorrie said...

Special smells for special people.
(I'm sorry I couldn't help myself.
You'd think with the kids I have I wouldn't say that...but I just couldn't help myself.)

Bethany said...

By the way I really love that glass see-through kettle in the photo. Is yours clear glass like that? I would love one like that!

Lorrie said...

Yeah...I got it at the Hispanic grocery store a few years back...I think you guys now have a Hispanic grocery store in town. I freaked out so I put that in the cabinet way back. This morning I put my water in a little old red tea kettle. :(

mimi said...

Oh wow! I'm so glad that nobody got hurt!

I have a glass tea pot on my stove too. It's not very common :)