Monday, June 01, 2009

Ur Awesumm!!


Thanks "Everybody's Mama" for the
Awe-summ award...

Now I'm suppose to name 7 things that make me awe-summ...
(that's the part a find a little hard...but here it goes...)

1. being a follower of Christ makes me awe-summ!
2. being with my hubby and zany boys
3. growing up in my zany family with my mom and dad
4. I'm a highly visual person
5. I love to laugh with those around me
6. I'm an open book (that's from others)
7. people ask me for advice 
(but if they knew what silly thoughts went through my head...they wouldn't do that.)

That was hard...but this is the easy part.

Now I pass it on to 7 folks who I think are awesumm-
There are so many bloggers I LOVE to read often...
but these are the ones I that I thought of first...

Beth at "My Destiny"
Kimberly at A Stone Gatherer
and last but not least...
Sandra at Love Abounds

Ok. that was hard to list...because I want to list everybody!


A Stone Gatherer said...

Thanks Lorrie! I gave it back to you too! I so appreciate your posts!

Alicia said...

My friend...thank you!!! I think you're pretty awwwsumm too!!

I'm posting this on Sunday!!!


mimi said...

8. You are write very wise and thought provoking posts!

Congrats on the awe-summ award.