Monday, June 01, 2009

Happy Birthday DAD!

(Ummm...that's my dad on the Puerto Rico I think?)
I'm such a stinker.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today you're 77!

And I'm so proud to say you're my dad. 

But things haven't always been that way...
We're blessed to have my mom's diary and in the early 60s she had an entry about a man who hung at the bar, didn't care for his son, and never brought home his check. I remember one entry said..."I might have to divorce this man."

Several years later...she was praising and gushing in her diary about her husband, his care of the kids, and how he provided for them and was growing in the Lord.

The difference...


Somewhere between 1962 and 1972 my dad had meet Jesus on God's terms and not his own.
Somewhere in that span of time God got a hold of his heart and worked a miracle.

My upbringing was a product of God getting a hold of his heart.

Many times people have a testimony that God delivered them from a hard childhood, how they endured trails and pain.

We all have pain - that's universal...but God gives the righteous a calm and peaceful life.
My dad became a righteous man. That yielding has overflowed to my generation, and I pray will continue.

I have never seen or smelled alcohol on my dad's breath.
I have never heard a curse word from my dad's lips.
My father always came home when he said he would.
He worked his day job and started a business at the same time and sometimes worked 60 - 70 hours and still made it to church on Sunday. father isn't perfect...
but he has yielded to God's calling in his life.

I just talked to him and he's doing what he LOVES giving our bibles and fishing!
He's got a foo-foo phone so I got to talk to him on the lake...right now.
Happy Birthday daddy! I love you.


mimi said...

I love this...and I love your dad. Happy Birthday Lorrie's dad!!!

His story is awesome.

SILVIA said...

77 wow!!!he really looks good..happy birthday to you,i hope you are having a wonderful day, wish you the best and many,many more happy years:0)!!!!!!!!!!


♥RocĂ­o♥ said...

Amazing!!! 77 WOW!! Tell him Happy Birthday from the Family Cobos!

Alicia said...

That is awesome! One of the best stories I've heard!! Amazing how God changes a person who is willing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday (belated now) to your dad!