Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Taming the Tongue Tuesday!

Well it's Tuesday so it must be time for
Taming our Tongues!

Do you know someone or even yourself that makes jokes at another's expense?

I know you've heard it before...

"Oh...she's always talking about giving money...let's get some from her money tree too!"
That's cute at the time (and you might even look witty)...but the person you might be talking about might have worked for decades saving so they can be a giver. 

"Oh...I liked her when she was fat...she looks sickly now that's she's skinny. If she loses any more weight she'll float away!"  That might be amusing at the time...but now that she's thin she has reversed her type 2 diabetes and added 15 more years to her life.

"Oh no...he looks smart...but when I talk to him...it's like talking to rocks...he's that boring." That might be true...but let your friend find that out on her own.

(O.k. the above weren't that funny...but you know what I mean)...

Like a madman shooting
firebrands or deadly arrow
is a man who deceives his neighbor
and says, "I was only joking."
Proverbs 26:18-19.

A few months back I was sitting having a meal with a few friends and someone made a dig towards me.  I didn't catch it...(partially because this person is always like that.)...but my friend did...

She didn't let it pass...

She said..."Wow...that's pretty cold Cathy."
(name change to protect the guilty)

Well that stopped the person dead in their tracks.

When we're in a conversation and a person is making jokes at another person's expense...we shouldn't let it pass.  (I AM SOOOOO GUILTY OF THIS ONE. I let too much stuff pass.)

The bible says "Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses." - Proverbs 27:6.

We don't have to create more drama, just acknowledge that it wasn't the best choice of words and move on. That's what a real friend does, sometimes we have to wound a friend...so they don't repeat that type of conversation.

That type of conversation plays on emotions and is dishonest and malicious.  There are other ways of finding attention without having to cut other's down.

So be careful the next time you're joking around...make sure it's not at 





anyone's expense.

Blessings and Peace!


Christine said...

I love the scriptures you used. What a great post.

I saw you joined in on the Fabulous N Fit Challenge. I just wanted to stop by and offer some support and say "hi". Hope to get to know you!

mimi said...

Such a great post! So many times I've been at a dinner party and someone says something inappropriate or unkind...it's so hard to speak up, but it's the right thing to do.

Darcie said...

That has always been one thing I don't tolerate with my kids. As soon as they say, "I was just joking", and it has been at the expense of another...we have a talk. We do not build ourself up, by bringing others down. We need to be edify one another. Thanks for the reminder.

Bethany said...

I did this today. Couldn't keep my snarky comment to myself. It's a sin I struggle with constantly. Thanks for the reminder!

Lorrie said...

Bethany...I've seen you and me in action...We're all works in progress. Won't it be great when you don't say snarky comments and I actually grow a backbone...and I say snaky comments too...mostly to Bill...so I need to stop gossiping to my husband.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a powerful message. My biggest downfall is my tongue, I allow it to wield too much power :\ and I struggle to overcome it. I often bop myself in the head and wonder why I said that to a loved member (grumbles) so I truly appreciated your post. I am looking forward to more "Taming your Tongue" Tuesdays!!!

P.S. I found your comment on the FNF challenge blog and just had to stop by to offer encouragement. Seems that you ended up encouraging me instead :o) thanks!!!

Alicia said...

That's one thing I never understood. Why would someone purposely cut down someone else...especially in front of other people.

I know I could be a little sarcastic myself, but I'm only that way to people I know can handle it, know what I mean? And I don't mean in a mean sarcastic way, but jokingly. However, I think that's different from putting someone down.

In fact, it really bothers me when I see a husband & wife do that. I think that is the worst! If they could do it in front of other people, can you imagine how it is at home??

Okay..I'm getting off subject! LOL

Lisa said...

That is an excellent post.

My 3 year old is always singing his Bible scripture that says Encourage one another and build each other up. And sometimes he will sing the one, keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking lies.

Trying to get a head start on this behavior.

Erin said...

Thanks for the awesome reminder! I am really, really putting effort into stopping those comments in their tracks...neighbors I like behave in ways I don't like and I discuss it with my husband...then it becomes a free-for-all for neighbor bashing...not what I intended.