Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday morning rushing...

Of course I'm rushing this Sunday morning...due to staying up too late with my hubby...
.no get your mind out of the boudoir...
we were up late talking and facebooking (yes...we fb like folks watch tv). I think it's a great Sunday to go denim (I could NEVER do that in the church I grew up in.)

I do like to dress up for set the day apart...but do I have to do it EVERY Sunday?


Hope you made it to a worship service today!


SILVIA said...

hi lorrie, i love fb as well my dh thinks i'm crazy but i dont family is all over the world so i like to post pics so they can see us, i think is a great way to stay in touch...i wish you could find me so i can ad you....let me know if u think is a good idea ok....hope you are having funnnnn.....


Alicia said...

I love FB almost as much as blogging! LOL!

I like to dress up once in awhile to church, but I know that God doesn't care even if I came in my jammies (not that I would).

Come as you are!!

Love Abounds At Home said...

Facebook is da bomb! If anybody wants to be my friend look me up: Sandra Neal King

Lorrie so glad you made it to church this morning. I didn't make it because I was home with Ben & his broken wrist. He watched a quilting show with me. We missed Sewing With Nancy.
Some may wonder how I can get a teenager to watch these shows.....Ben's on pain meds!heehee!

Proverbs 27:19 said...

Hey Lorrie!

Thanks for reading and commenting, that excites me! I actually can't image not taking them with me. I mean really, how is my shopping supposed to get done? I can't wait for Anton to with me all the time, he works!

And I love the comment At the Well about all the Laurie's, Lorrie's and Larie's! That does look funny!

Girl it was a denim day for me too!!!


SILVIA said...

hi lorrie, just came by to say hello,i hope everything is good..