Monday, April 20, 2009

Meet the cast of characters

Well I've been writing on this blog for 6 months now and I've decided it's time you meet the cast of characters.

Bill, Big Bill, hubby and sometimes referred to as "el viejo" - docile junior high teacher who wrangles numeric code with prepubescent subjects.  He can be found eating pizza, making pizza, ordering pizza and cleaning up the kitchen (So I don't see the mess of pizza).  After he puts in his 40 hours his spare time he wrangles NIV verses with pimple faced and fashion conscious teens at the local "worshipping spot". He has a heart for young people and his iphone basically equals baal worship. You can't pay him to drink tea and he's wondering when they'll give coffee intravenously.

islandlorrie, Lorrie, Lars, Lolo - homemaker and former...(I'm not going to tell you where I use to work, that's so tacky). Can be found running after 3 boys, watching Monk and reading my NKJV or my Message bible. I desperately miss drinking coffee with my BTFFs (Best Therapy Friends Forever).  I'm love going to LA with Janette - we always have great Christian fellowship.  Water parks are basically my idol of choice (food too but I can't say that). On Sundays I'm at the "local worshipping spot". I drink tea, coffee, apple juice, anything sweet and have a strong aversion to plain water. Is there a therapy for that?

Bylie, Billy, little Bill, - boy/man on the cupst of the teen years.  Carries his grandfather's KJV bible to church each Sunday. Loves blueberry muffins, tomatoes, and strawberries. He has a wicked obsession of pizza and Thai food (we know how to raise 'em right).  Has 5 instruments in his room but plays only 2.  Future plans include to play the DS until his thumbs fall off, major in science and "working in a lab alone". I use to think he was Moses but now I'm pegging him as Jeremiah. I was told once he's be nothing more than "a vegetable and would never talk coherently"...praise the Lord doctors aren't God!

Nathanoni, Nate, Ney-Ney - Ohhhh Moses and Peter all rolled into one. Carries his NIV Boy's bible to church each Sunday and loses his NIV Boy's bible at church each Sunday.  Is home schooled. Argues at the drop of the hat and isn't afraid of a fight...anyone...anytime...anywhere... (...scary isn't it?)  Loves boogie boarding in the ocean and his DS...(before he lost it). He absolutely "hates school, cleaning and chores".  Can't go past the homeless without giving them something. Often found outside with shoes untied or off altogether.  Is the wildest and funniest of the bunch. All that fighting does come in handy...he stopped a bully picking on a developmentally delayed girl...well he stopped the bully with his fists. (we're working on that too). Like I said...Moses and Peter all rolled into one.  The Lord wants me humble...very humble!

Bryson, Bry-Bry, Bryaroni - He is Moses and Peter on meth.  (O.k. God...I'm humble...I get it.) Obsessed with trains.  Loves to crash stuff, people, and himself into just about anything - (we're working on that too). Wants to be a crash car driver and train engineer when he grows up (We're praying he'll make it with all his limbs). Is the pickest eater of the bunch and often goes without dinner. Water is his favorite drink.  Still very cuddly! Awwww. Recently won the "I've been to the emergency room" award three years in a row. Scary thing is...he's only 5.

Grandpa, papa, Big Daddy - Has become a teenager at the age of 77.  Can be seen trying to navigate his fancy cell phone and talks outside in his boat so we don't hear his conversation to his "girlfriend". He thinks the continental US is his backyard. He takes the boys fishing when he's in town which is great fun. He's got dress shoes and church clothes in four states. Gotta look good for going to church.  Can be seen carrying his large print KJV bible to the nearest black gospel church. Passes out Gideon bibles for fun and funded his own missions trip to Costa Rica. When he's in town...he's the handyman. Period.

Well that's the cast of characters around my house and we're a cooky and crazy cast who Love the Lord indeed.


Love Abounds At Home said...

Thanks for introducing the cast. Enquiring minds wanna know where you used to work. I think you were working for the FBI or CIA. I understand all the top secret stuff. lol

Lorrie said...

My former jobs are listed on my fb page.

Bethany said...

I hope Bryson is a crash-car driver OR a train engineer, but not a crash-train engineer!!!!!

Beth in NC said...

Ha, that is too cute!