Saturday, April 18, 2009

saturday weigh in

This week was a good week for activity.  I faithfully went to the gym twice and was active most days.  What I realize now is I've been sooooooo sedentary.  I still like to sit on my behind...but I'm working through that.

Drummmrooollll please...
A loss of 3 lbs...

Baby steps.
Baby steps.
I met a women here on the blog who's was once my size. She's the same height, same body structure roughly.  She's lost almost 90 lbs...with exercise and Weight Watchers core plan. She emailed me the info and I'm reading it and I'm taking it in.


Beth in NC said...

Hey girlie! If that woman you are referring to is me ... I've lost 58 (ha) ... (but hallelujah -- you just speak it over me girl) -- my goal is 90! I have around 30 more to lose!

Praise GOD for the 3 pounds you lost this week. THAT IS AWESOME.

Good for you!

Have a blessed day!!

Bethany said...

AWESOME! I think those 3 pounds came over to my house, by the way.

Everybody's Mama said...

Way to go!! That is encouraging to the rest of us struggling to make a change! :)

Love Abounds At Home said...

Congratulations! You go girl!

Lorrie said...

Yes...Beth that's you. I guess I was thinking 90 for me and you too! It's hard giving up bread products...and BTW I can't have those Thomas English muffins in my home...I ate the whole pack in 2 days. Baby steps...Baby steps

Beth in NC said...

Lorrie. I know what you mean. They are tasty! Do what you've got to do to succeed.

Bless you friend!