Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday weigh in

Been feeling kind of icky all week so I get on the scale expecting another 2 lb. loss since I haven't eaten as much as  I did last week.

What did I find?

I gained 2 lbs...


All I can say is water retention/lack of activity/whatever it is...
 isn't funny y''s not funny!

I told a friend of mine today and she was so encouraging.  She's been losing weight lately because of stress with moving and instead of reminding me she's losing weight...(it's hard not to remember when you see how thin she is)...she was sooo encouraging.  I hope to encourage someone when they're struggling through issues in life.  Sometimes we women have a way of either kicking folks when they're down, ignoring their plight all together, or gloating about our successes in the same area and reminding folks why we don't have those problems.  Lord, let me not do that.  Let me say words that build others up. Let me speak words that build my family and friend up.  It really helps.

Nevertheless, I'm not discouraged.  
Shocked...but not down yet.
I'll keep plotting on.
Hopefully I'll feel better this week and get some exercising in.

So to date...I've gained/lost  a big, fat, 0!



LaShawn Lytle said...

My mom prayed and prayed for years to lose weight. She weighed over 400lbs. She tried hard and for years lost weight and gained it back.
Then a change of events caused her to slip into a depression and now she weighs 160lbs.
God finally answered her prayer, but not in the way she wanted.
So to encourage you a little more at least God is giving us the willpower to fight for what we want in a healthy way!


Lorrie said...

I'm hoping not to slip into a depression...but if it could get me into a cute little slinky black dress...I might willing to try.

Bethany said...

Lorrie, you are BEAUTIFUL and don't you dare obsess about your weight. I think you are head-turning gorgeous and you'd look funny any skinnier.