Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday madness...

O.k. I normally don't get political or show news stories...but this is just wrong!
Another autistic boy gets arrested.  (link below).

Of course when you do something wrong there should be discipline involved.  Like it or not if work with children with disabilities you do run the risk of being injured. 

Is it wrong?  You bet.
Is it fair?  No!  
Last time I's not fair.

I'll bet good money the teacher was under 50.  (I hate to say I wish all the people my kids interacted with were at least at the half century mark...well except for me of course.) 

Folks under 50 are generally quick to dismiss something if it gets hard...children included.  We are so easily "offended" if our "boundaries" are crossed.  Without the use of universal corporal punishment are hands are tied so we have a tendency to jump ship when things aren't easy.  (I do have to say I could never spank anyone kids but my own...but I will send a kid in the corner if needed.)  Most teachers, children workers, and daycare providers under 50 don't even do that.  If a child isn't behaving properly...we quickly send them to the "authority" whether that's the parents or the police.  I don't think the police should be involved unless a REAL crime was committed.  (Sorry...I don't think this was a REAL crime...if you do stop reading my blog...I don't want you here.)

Sometimes I think the real crime is with lazy adults who only want to deal with children if they perceive everything will go smoothly.  If you're going to accept the hazard pay you get when working with behaviorally challenged students...suck it up.  Although you grew up in a late 70s/80s/90s ever increasing homogeneous society just remember all kids aren't the same.

This is a bad as the 6 year old who was suspended for kissing on the school bus.

Just another reason why I don't watch the nightly news.

Autistic boy gets arrested.


Love Abounds At Home said...

The incident happened last month and they are just now doing something? Not that what they did was right. Those kids probably forgot what they did. I least I do after a month of doing something.

Everybody's Mama said...

Ok this makes my blood boil! I worked in early childhood for many years and it always amazed me how ignorant some people could be. I actually had a teacher quit after a child with these problems plus a troubled home life "had the gall to kick her and it left a bruise!" Same situation where she was attempting to force him into compliance. Then she went over my head to the board and tried to get him thrown out. I fought for him. He stayed she didn't. It was worth it! He made fantastic breakthroughs and I don't regret defending him. Sorry for the long comment...I don't know why I am shocked some things haven't changed. Keep bringing attention to it!!

Lorrie said...

No I totally understand the comment. I felt the same way. I don't understand when folks work with children but they only want to pick and choose. I can only figure it to be how our society is going. I kind of felt bad that I said the "over 50 thing" but people keep proving me right. I think it's better to just say..."Hey I don't work well with a certain group and then just don't"