Tuesday, March 03, 2009

fireproofing your relationships

Why do we feel the need not to work on the most important relationship God gave us?  Some people will say that's a mother to child, or siblings...but it's actually marriage.  Marriage in the bible is the most intimate relationship God has given us and today Christian marriages are dropping like flies just like unsaved folks.  I think we have almost the same divorce rate.

Now if you're divorced and single...this isn't a slam on you.  God has special plans for the divorced single. You're able to do ministries that us married folks can't do as effectively because you have less family obligations and you're time is more flexible. 

This post is about the fact that we in the Christian community have not been focusing on the thing that Satan is running ramped with... destroying families and keeping marriages  NOT Christ-centered.  Once the family is gone...well the society will destroy itself.

With the advent of the latest "Christian" movie...churches have started bible studies that focus on us putting Christ as the center of our relationships.   Our church started a bible study called "Fireproof for Couples" after the movie's name.  Here I sat last night with couples who have been married decades next to a college student and folks who were single.  Some folks came without their spouse.  (I really admire that.) We were there with the same goal...bringing more of Christ and less of us in our interactions.  Some women I know were there thinking...."I'm just waiting here for you to fix my husband."  And some men were probably there thinking..."Alright...they'll tell her to stop nagging and trying to get me to talk."  Boy did folks get a wake up when we learned that Christ is the head of what we do...not us.  God has made women and men different and let's celebrate that...the way God intended.

Also I appreciated the fact that the focus is on OUR roles in Christ within a marriage.  I grow tired of folks saying..."that my spouse is this...my spouse is that" when they're the one with the sin and anger in their hearts.  If you have friends that do that ladies...stay clear of them.  You can fellowship with them here and there...but don't hang with them often.  I'll go as far as saying don't even invite them in your home.  If you have single friends who are down on men...for whatever reason...steer clear of them too.  Why invite trouble?

If your church isn't doing something like this...You can still do it on your own.  We were blessed with a deacon Jared who really had it on his heart to start our bible study.  This man isn't a bible scholar, doesn't hold a Ph.d...but has a heart for the things of God and isn't afraid to show he isn't perfect.

O.k. If you're doing it on your own... Genesis 1:27 and http://www.fireproofmymarriage.com would be a good place to start.


nilliebillie said...

I'm hoping they'll do this at my church. It's the only way my husband will go. He hasn't been a christian long so it isn't easy.

licia31 said...

I am a singleton (as I like to say) & saw the movie "Fireproof", loved it! I recommend it for sure.

Everybody's Mama said...

Saw it this weekend...awesome movie! So many layers that give a chance to discuss and learn.

Lorrie said...

We're dealing with a marriage breakdown in our extended family right now. It is so tragic. And the lesson my husband and I are learning is that we need to keep on working on our marriage, we can't ever just let it go. And our relationship with the Lord is so important too.

I'm glad you found my blog so that I could come and find yours. The spelling of our name is not that common and I'm always thrilled to know I'm not alone!


Country Life Girl said...

This is a great movie had the chance to watch it with my pastors family a couple if weekends ago and made the comment to them and my husband that I would love the book or something of that nature. I have a wonderful relationship with my husband but there is always room to improve on your marriage. Loved ready some of your blogs will read more later. Will join to be a follower today also. Thanks, Keep living for God!

L.H. said...

Hubby and I watched this one together and both really enjoyed it! I agree that when we accept the fact that men and women are different, we have a much better time loving and appreciating one another!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the comment. I like the name "Nathan" too!