Wednesday, March 04, 2009

couseling and the dentist

Today I've got to take my kids to the dentist.  If they even suggest they don't want to go...I don't take them.  If they even sniffle...I don't take them.  It's not's me.  I'm SCARED of going to the dentist.  I don't like the drills, I don't like the man in the white coat...I don't like the smell of...whatever that smell is.  I'm just not into the dentist...period.

Any excuse not to see him is always top on my list.  It doesn't matter if a filling has come out, a tooth is chipped...or in the case of my middle one...taking out his spacer...I don't even like to step in there as a parent.  I usually leave that job to my hubby.  

Well there is no escaping the dentist this time.  It was confirmed last week.  My middle one has a cavity and is going to need a filling.  How many times have I told him to brush "all the way back."  
"Nay, stop working on the fronts and clean the sides."  I think I say that EVERY night.
It's not a major cavity but nonetheless it needs fixing and here we go.

Problems that come in our lives are like those little cavities that crop up in our mouths.  We don't focus on the things that are in the back of our mouths.  What's in the back of your mouth?  Is it anger?  Can you not talk to anyone without going off the deep end?  Is it passive aggression?  You want something to happen...but instead of confronting it head on or talking to God you try to quietly manipulate with whatever you have in your arsenal...not talking to so and so...saying just enough to start a fight?  Are you playing good ole' fashioned junior high head games?  Could it be the back of your mouth is infected with gossip, slander and evil talk.  God wants us to build up others with our mouths and...not let unholy speak come out.   Get your bible out or go to and take a look at Ephesians know where I'm headed.

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