Monday, March 02, 2009

Don't ever give up hope.

This was written last Friday night...but I'm posting it now.

This will seem so foreign to some of you unless you have a child with challenging abilities, but tonight my 8th grader attended his first PTA after school event.  No...not the science fair, the math competition, or anything else a child with a mathematical/analytical mind is good at.   He's attending...(drum roll please)
a junior high skate night.
O.k. for some of're wondering "So kid does that all the time.."  You can stop reading now and come back tomorrow.  But if you've ever had a child work hard to overcome on.

I'm amazed.  The same child who couldn't sit in church because everything was too loud...who kept his hand over his ears and would even scream if it got to much is skating to some loud pulsating music I'm too old to enjoy.  The same child who walked late now has 8 wheels under those same feet...moving in an out crowds of sweating 8th graders.  The same child who wouldn't go to the park because he wasn't really sure what would in a constantly changing environment skating around and round the rink.  (O.k. he's not talking to anyone and he's not socializing with anyone...but that's another post.)  He's there...he's fitting in (kind of) and he doesn't look tense. While I'm posting to you...I'm really posting for me. 
Lorrie...don't ever give up hope.
If you have a child that takes extra time, needs extra help, has a whole heap of issues...God is with you and girls...don't ever give up hope.

Exodus 14:14 The Lord will fight for you, you need only be still.


Everybody's Mama said...

Rejoicing with you as sister in Christ and as a Mom! This post touched my heart in such a special way. Oh, the things we take for granted! Thank you for sharing this moment with your readers. Blessings to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

AMEN!!! I know for years my 11 year old couldn't handle crowds or noise or people for that matter. She now likes to go to Christian skate night, can handle the room full of kids at the Boys and Girls club (even though she still hangs by herself and doesn't run with big crowds (could be a good thing to be picky about your friends) she can handle concerts and music and movies (before I would have to get a refund 5 minutes after the movie started, we did this for years until she finally was able to adjust...So I am excited for you!!! and supportive as well.


nilliebillie said...

I'm so excited for him. Little baby steps. Remember when we'd take them to therapy and they'd run the other way? Times have changed and they are changing for good.