Friday, February 27, 2009

Stop leaving it to by your actions.

I'm a natural procrastinator.  Growing up in a household as the middle child I'd get off the hook of cleaning by waiting.  If my mom said "clean my room"...I'd wait until my mini Martha Stewart sister would clean up her side of the room and con her to clean mine.  If my mom said "work in the yard outside"...I'd wait until my brother would be working and join in...for a time.  Then I'd claim that I had done more than my share.  I was always trying to wait the other person out.  That way I'd SAY I'd done my share...but I hadn't put my heart nor my time into it.  I'm grown now (well atleast that's what they say) and I'm still doing that.  I'm waiting for someone else to help others.  From what I've seen looking around lately...many of you are doing the same thing.

We know others are hurting but we'll just "lift them up in prayer" and not worry about it.  It never dawns of us God wants you to give them a phone call...a live person to talk to.  I know why we don't do it.  They might talk back, unloading problems we really don't want to listen to and giving us way more information than we want.  Trust me...I've been trying this lately and you get more than you bargain for.  I'm not talking about calling your friends you like to chit chat with.  I'm talking about that mother at school who seems overwhelmed because her husband is in Iraq, the women at church who's adult children don't call or the teen who's parents never show up for anything they participate in.

God doesn't want us to be people of would've...could've...should've.  He wants us to be of action. Do you know a women, girl, sister, or brother...even your kids that could use your Christian actions in truth?  I'm not talking about a serious counseling session or What not to Wear Makeover...but just a word of encouragement, a simple call or text, maybe flowers or a card. Doing that goes beyond the typical.  Something that takes you out of your comfort zone by investing a little extra in someone?

Love is an action.  Be about loving with your actions today.

Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.  1 John 3:18


Darlene said... are so right! I am guilty of these things! I like this "God doesn't want us to be people of would've...could've...should've. He wants us to be of action"
Amen! I will try to do better! Thanks for a great reminder to stop doing nothing and take action!

licia31 said...

This a very true posting. Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing enough. I know sometimes it's so easy to tell people, "I'll pray for you", but at times, this is the easy way out. You're right, we always need action behind the love we say that we have. As always, "actions speak louder than words".

Sandy Toes said...

Great post...great reminder..thank you!!!
Have a wonderful glad I we found each other.
sandy toe