Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You profile...does it match your profession for Christ.

So here I am blogging about Facebook.  One of the things I've noticed is the fact that you learn a little or a WHOLE bunch about someone in their info section.  That's were you list your jobs, your hobbies, what shows you like, what movies are your favorite...etc.  

The one thing that I noticed is that people professing to be Christians...appear...a bit carnal in their info section (sorry more Facebook talk).  When you say you strive to be a great Christian mother but put "Sex in the City" as your favorite show that tells me more about you than anything you can say or do.  When you list yourself as married...but post pictures of yourself and list the reason you're on Facebook is to meet "women" I start to wonder..."Does your wife know that?"   I'm not saying that my profile is holy ground either (I'm a fan of Monk), it's just shows where YOU say you spend your time.   Many interest and activities found there are time wasters., but we're always clamoring we need more time. Wouldn't it be awesome if someone listed they were interested in one thing...the Bible...period. That answer is obvious...if they listed just the Bible, didn't watch TV or use the Internet...they probably wouldn't be on Facebook anyway.  

Remember...I'm not saying Facebook is all evil but remember in the old testament the problem was God's people kept getting in trouble for worshipping everything but God.  They were given guidelines in Deuteronomy 7 on idols but they kept getting into sin.   Everything done outside of God's plan ended up becoming an idol.   Thousands of years later we're doing the same thing. (Let's see...the food and home channel, the gym, church activities, clothes and recreational shopping...even Christian books).  We've taken everything God has given us and worshipped them instead of our creator...and sometimes our profiles reflect that...despite what we say.

It's just something to think about...does your profile, your time, your life align with who you say you believe and follow?  Now get off this blog and go read Deuteronomy 7...yes the whole chapter.

There are many great things about Facebook and I'll post about that tomorrow.  Blessings.

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Anonymous said...

Amen and Amen!
Well put my sistah.
God bless and guide you.