Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Facebook...and heaven.

Don't worry day 3 out of 5.  If you're not on Facebook this post is still applicable to everyone.

Many times I've wondered what happened to a certain friend from high school over the years. With the advent of Facebook those mysteries are pretty much gone.  If your old lab partner isn't on Facebook...someone there knows where they are.  Within a few clicks I'm "friends" with my son's science teacher, my cousin in Atlanta, my best friend from second grade, and my husband at the office.  I can keep track of them and they can keep track of me. 

The other good thing is I haven't seen any sleazy ads and there are Christian groups you can join.  Churches can form groups and get information out quickly.  It's also a cheap escape that doesn't involve overeating, overspending or gambling.  I guess those are pretty much the highlights, but I'm not advocating you run out and join.  It's kind of like one big reunion with past and present friends and family all rolled into one.

That got me thinking about the ultimate Facebook...heaven.  One day instead of being limited by sim chips and processors we'll be in God's eternal love and grace, surrounded by people who have accepted Jesus Christ...our true friend.  I won't have to log on to see my mother...she'll be right there.  I won't have to check my Facebook wall to see what my grandmother is doing...we'll be doing the same thing...worshipping the risen Savior.  It'll be a continuous reunion with our saved loved ones without pain, tears, or toil.  We'll have new bodies and abilities I can't even began to understand nor attempt to blog about.  We'll see God face to face and fully understand the only book that matters...His word. that's a social network to get excited about.

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