Thursday, February 26, 2009

We interrupt this scheduled post with....

Did you notice the new following upgrade on the side of  blogs?  It's weird that as communication on the internet continues to morph that the following feature is more intimate and open.  Well that sounds like a "facebook" type of feature to me.

Today I'm suppose to talk about the downsides of facebook and I really can't think of many.  I know that young kids post way too many pictures of themselves, give out too much information and one of my friends posted her phone number in the contact info.  That's too much information.  Also it can become addicting finding out what folks are doing at any given time...and that's a time waster.  They've had problems with stalking and the like. It's probably better to just be friends with people you actually know in real life on facebook. Also if you've got a pretty picture...don't post it on facebook...they own the rights to everything pictures, photos, quotes that's put on there....period.

That's the thing about blogging.  You can be connected with other women miles away who share the same interest as you do.  I know I take comfort and gain inspiration when I read someone is going through the same thing I'm going through.  Sometimes you feel like you're the only one...but not here on blogger.  You find out quickly that many people are doing, feeling, and living the same lives.  When I finish blogging in the morning I'm drawn to helping my family, reading the word...being productive.  Sometimes after being on facebook I dream about would've...could've...should've.  Don't get me started about coveting the 6,000 sq. ft. house my old high school friend might have.

Well so much for not talking about facebook today.  I'm glad of the new following feature in blogger and tomorrow will be my last post about facebook...I've already written it and all I can say is...get your bibles out.


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Sandy Toes said...

Hello there..I saw you on my following list and came by...what a great blog!
~Sandy Toe