Monday, February 23, 2009

That "other" social network on the internet.

My main mode of Internet communication has always been email and blogging...until about a week ago.  In my in-box sat two from my brother-in-law and another from a church family mom.  They both were inviting for me to join Facebook.  Now mind you...I knew it existed and got offers to join every so often, but two offers in the same day?  It might be a sign? It might be something fun?  It might be another escape?

Well I joined and what a pandora's box it's been.  I'm pretty outgoing so the idea of posting what I'm doing at any given time isn't threatening nor is the fact that the class dunce is now a Ph.d candidate.  I've found that the cutest girl on campus in high school now looks like worn leather.  The underweight nerd still has his hair, has grown into his nose, and looks great. The boy that teased me unmercifully in elementary really had a crush on me and my college persona is in the stop putting stuff on my wall about it. (Sorry that's facebook talk.) Some of my classmates from elementary (yes that far back), jr. high, high school, and college follow the Lord but many do not.  The homecoming king of senior year is talking about God's provisions and blessings while the rebel is now an Awana table leader.  

What I do mind is I find it's quite addicting.   Can it be another tool used for God's glory or will it be another idol that takes a stronghold?

This week I'll be posting about the praises and perils of Facebook.  I hope you don't wading the waters of this little diversion.

Look up Hebrews 10:25  or Deuteronomy 7:25-26 and ponder what those verses have to do with Facebook.  I'll post you tomorrow.


Everybody's Mama said...

My son is into Facebook and Myspace. Looking forward to reading your take on it. I don't have a page myself but I think I would be the same way and get addicted quickly! :) I heard the other day on the news that Facebook has changed their fine print. They now own anything you post on there from pictures to anything written, everything. Even if you delete your page or something on it they still have it and the rights to it. I don't think you'll be posting any racy pictures but still it's something to remember!

American Home said...

This is a great blog. I am blessed.
Can't wait to hear about Facebook.

Lorrie said...

Wow! Thanks for the info. I didn't know that they own everything they post. I don't have racy pictures except the ones from the church Valentine's dinner.