Sunday, February 22, 2009

The usual Sunday?

The lost assume that all Christians go to church for the same reason,  but we know that's not true. They're are many reason why we go...some noble and true and some...well ulterior motive seems to come to mind.

Some of us go because mom went, grandma went, and we're carrying on the tradition.  We even sit in the same area mom did.  Time is wasted Sunday after Sunday listening to a God they don't know.  How sad it'll be when on the other side of eternity they find hell.

Some of us go because our wife/husband drags us there.  You can see them a mile away.  One is eagerly involved in serving while the other spouse only shows us for Chreaster...Christmas or Easter.

Some of us are more subtle and are going because we want our Sunday School pins to be filled...but all the while we want to know "What can the church do for me?"  "If they don't do things my way...I'm on the highway."  They're lives revolve around the goings on of the correction...they're lives are the church (not God...but the church).  If you're not on board with every'll be slandered quicker than I can type.

Still many of us go because we have a relationship with the creator of the universe through His son Jesus Christ.  We're grateful to be there another Sunday with breath in our lungs and feet that carry us there.  The music might not be our style, the preaching might be too loud or too soft...but it doesn't matter...we're grateful to worship in the house of the Lord.  

Be a blessing to someone at church today.  Ask them how they're REALLY feeling and take time to listen.  Pray for someone you know is hurting and let the pastor know you appreciate him taking his time, abilities, and life to pour himself into your family and congregation.  Don't forget to thank a Sunday School worker...without them many of us wouldn't even come. Blessings.

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