Friday, January 16, 2009

We're right down the street.

Yesterday, I had this idea of phoning my old college roommate and offering her a slight vacation for the coming week.  (Actually my motives weren't pure.  I'm showing some art and I wanted her to come to the showing.)  Anyway,  I called her while waiting to pick up my oldest and what she said stumped me.
"Hey Lorrie...were are you?"
"I'm waiting to pick up Billy from school."  "Hey Rochelle, why don't you come down in a few weeks and go to Disneyland for your birthday (she has season passes) and then stay for my art show?"

"I can't. I'm coming sooner." Rochelle sang (her voice is like a constant Sandy Patti song.)

" when?" I'm thinking - I hope not this weekend because I don't have any good food to cook, and I'm painting for the show so I can't entertain anyone.

"Well I just rounded a bend on the freeway and I can see a patch of the ocean."  

O.K. ! Initial Panic!  I repeat Panic!  Did she say...ocean?  Because if she said ocean she's about 2 hours out.

 And then a serious calm came over me.  

Remember when I was struggling with the laundry (I was behind due to a monthly visitor) and trying to put it away this week?  Well I put it away, then I kept going.  I organized my boys closets and got rid of extra clothes and toys.  Then I made them clean their rooms better than normal.  My house was ready for Rochelle.  (She loves giving me a hard time seeing if my laundry is done).  


Later on in the day she got caught in a traffic jam and decided not to stop.  She's coming back through on Monday and she said she'd stop then.  Well you KNOW I'll have all my laundry caught up at least until Tuesday.  If you don't get that last statement...then you don't do laundry for more than 3 people.   It always feels good to be prepared.  What can you do be prepared for the weekend?

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