Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Boy what a whirlwind weekend...

This weekend (our weekend stretched all the way to Tuesday this week) was quite hectic and with the rearranging on my computer in the family room...I realized I hadn't posted anything in a while.  The weather here is finally doing the January turn from sunny days to cloudy skies.  I'm taking my sweaters and scarves out in anticipation of rain.  

The boys were on holiday Monday. Bill and I spent the day waiting for my friend from Camp Pend. Marine Base to come out. We finally took down the Christmas lights outside enjoying the sunshine around us. As we readied ourselves for skate night, my old college roommate came in off the freeway to say hi before heading back to San Francisco.  Aren't her braids so cute?

Although I didn't vote for our current president I did watch the festivities as I waited for Rick Warren to pray.  I've been to his church in Saddleback so I was hoping he was going to say..."In Jesus Name."  Well he did and so much more so that made me happy.

We are finally getting back into the groove of things.  Of course my day is starting late but let's thank God that we live in a nation that we can blog without censorship.  We never know if that might change so we need to pray that God will heal our land.  I've got to go back to school and homemaking.  Blessings.

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