Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We yielded to the beach...

Today I strive to purposely focus on home duties and not be idle.  Ladies - do you realize that we are to be busy about our homes the majority of the time?  We aren't suppose to be given to lots of leisure, fleeting entertainment, and copious amounts of lazy days at the beach.  Now... I'm convicting myself.  Today it's suppose to be even warmer.  What a good day to show some discipline and ignore the weather until after school.  It's hard...but it's possible.  

The good news...I got the laundry done so my hubby wasn't without his undergarments.  The bad news...there are still 2 baskets from yesterday in the family room waiting to be folded and put away.  Main goal today...get that laundry in it's place, ignore the weather and keep pushing through.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Lorrie, you tickle me about this laundry thing. I did the same thing this week; made sure those undergarments were put away but still have 2 clean loads waiting in the family room. I've been avoiding them today too, but you have inspired me. I think I'll go right now set a timer, race myself and get it done. Yes, Thursdays are hard for me too. The week is winding down, it's like Friday fever sets in. Have a blessed day!