Tuesday, January 13, 2009

o.k. I'm being a bad homeschool mom

Today it's just tooooooo nice to stay inside. My computer dashboard says 76 degrees and I always tell the boys if we make it to 75 we're heading to the beach. The dishwashing is humming...but I've got laundry...folding and cleaning to do. Bry is playing quietly with his legos and at 11 I'll start his reading lesson. Nathan is doing his reading so WHY would I steer these boys off track with the beach? I'm procrastinating on the computer.

NOTE TO SELF - o.k. Lorrie - get a hold of yourself. We know you're prone to distraction. You can't go to the beach now or Billy will be sad. Your husband will be slightly annoyed if he has no underwear tomorrow. You will be happy that you finished your chores before Noon. Give yourself until 10:40...go fold the laundry, finish the new laundry, get Nathan started on his math and get ready for reading with Bry.

Say it again Lorrie - fold laundry. start new load, math with nathan, reading with bry. Fold laundry. Start new load, math with Nay, Reading with Bry.

o.k. I've got a minute to spare...I'm eating a piece of Christmas fudge.
...like I said...bad homeschool mommy....bad homeschool mommy.


Everybody's Mama said...

Ha, great to know we all have those days! The beach sounds good to me but the fudge sounds even better!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorrie,
I just had to share that you made me laugh and lifted my day. (I related to your comment on Candy's blog and visited you)Laundry is my great nemesis. It is most especially the folding part that I don't like. And the part about hubby's underwear...it was like you were in my head typing my own thoughts from yesturday. I must add it is in the 20's here and I believe it would be very difficult for me to stay focused if it was 76 here!!! Have a blessed day!