Tuesday, January 13, 2009

changing winds and the Holy Spirit

Today it's windy and the air is stirring up stuff everywhere. My older house is rattling and I can hear wind whistling through the attic space. Leaves are blowing everywhere and the air is getting warmer and warmer. As much as I love the wind and change in the air it provides discomfort as well.

The wind reminds me of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is there to guide us through our lives and to lead us to change. We are told in the bible not to grieve the Holy Spirit and to be sensitive to its movings. When we change our lives as directed by the Holy Spirit we can be more productive Christians for God. Things get messy when change is happening. People don't stay the same, situations don't stay the same and we feel uncertain. In the end, things will be better off and there will be a crisp clean feeling running through our lives. That's one thing the wind and the Holy Spirit have in common...they both clean out the dirt and muck from our hearts and from the air.

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Everybody's Mama said...

I was just mentioning to my hubby the other day that this area we live in seems to stay windy. Thanks for giving me a new way to focus on the Lord when I hear that wind! His presence truly is everywhere!