Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday night

Well tonight my husband was trying to fix a spot for me to paint in one of the boys rooms and he cut his leg.  Mind you...this was a serious gash.  He bled for about 15 minutes before he had the notion to call me to get some gauze from the store. (We were out buying his birthday present.)  I figured he had overreacted but when I got home.   What a mess!  He had bright red stains dotting my SAND colored carpet in Ney's room.  He said he only looked down when he heard something gush.  (I had been meaning to pull out his it's official.)  He was sitting in the kitchen with his leg higher than high heart,  (really hard to do with a big stomach) and looked like a wounded bird.  

I cleaned off the wound and found out that all that bleeding was from a small little hole that was created by some toy a child left on the floor.  The mess, the pain, the inconvenience and the killing off of our Saturday night...due to something left unchecked.  You can tell where I'm going with this.  

Folks we do the same with sin.  What sins do we leave unchecked.  With us's usually not shoplifting, adultery, and screaming at the top of our lungs at co-workers.  (Well maybe for some but that's a different blog).  It's usually matters of the attitude and heart.  Things we let slip and then they keep going and next thing you know it's full blown sin...messing up the carpets of our lives and causing all sorts of havic. 

That carpet will never be the same.  Neither with Bill's leg.  This kind of puncture will leave a scar.  Even though we ask for forgiveness and God cleanses us from sin...there will always be a scar.  Remember that the next time you want to gossip, think ill of others, slander someone, or not give your best because you don't think someone is deserving.  Let's be mindful as we come to God with our worship tomorrow instead of thinking "what can the church do for me?"  God will forgive you...but things (on earth) will never be the same.'s as yucky as Bill's leg is.

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