Friday, January 23, 2009

My daddy is coming home today...

(photo is my dad in the US Virgin Islands last year) 

My dad (who is retired) is coming home today.  He lives with us and is the most active 76 year old I know.  He's been in Texas, Louisiana, and Maryland for the last month and well things run better when he's around.  He'll be here for usually about 2 months and then he goes somewhere international in May (that's been his M.O.) for the last few years.

"It's not fair!"  I always groan that.  I want to be going "international"...getting new countries and islands stamped on my passport.  The only thing on my passport is Mexico from my honeymoon and we all know that doesn't count.

It's not fair!  I want to leisurely come and go as I please, buying whatever feeds my fancy and thinking of hundred dollar bills like I think of "ones."

If we take a closer look we realize my dad was a HARD worker and he is reaping what he has sown over the years.  He held down a small business, being active in church, a father and husband for 36 years.  It's is fair...because the Lord has blessed him with this time.  My mom didn't live long enough after their 35th wedding anniversary to be able to travel and have leisure but the Lord blessed her as well.  It's fair because I can sow hard work now.  It's fair because I can sow consistency in my boys now.  It's fair because my kids see my husband and I committed to each other.  It's fair because I am sowing a love for God...albeit a little my boys now.  It's fair because God gives to each of us what we can handle.  

If I had my dad's money...I probably wouldn't even be on the computer waiting for Ney to finish a test.  I probably wouldn't be homeschooling.  I might not even still be married.  I'd be off being selfish...running around the over indulgent 40 year old spoiled brat.  Life has seasons and right now my season is home.  My dad did the home years...and did them quite well.  He always came home on time, never left us to "jet-set" and his vacations were spent helping us ride bikes, or swim, or giving my mom a break.   He provided for us and supported us.  

The things we are doing now are the sowing...and the reaping will come later.  In 20 years from now what will our families remember us doing now?

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