Friday, January 23, 2009

How to have a peaceful Sunday...

As I look towards the weekend I feel that I really should give my boys the gift of a peaceful and relaxed Sunday.  For this to have to start on Thursdays or Fridays depending on your schedule.  DON'T wait until Saturday because you don't want to fill up Saturday with busy work and errands for Sunday.  Saturday is suppose to be about play.  

What I'm doing today is ironing the boys "nice" jeans, making sure their dress shirts are pressed. I don't belt my boys (I like the "casual" dressed look), but I do get their belts hung next to their pants in case the pants are a little too big.  (The 13 yr old is scheduled to do his laundry Saturday...but I'm thinking of changing it to Friday because it's not always done well.)  I'll find those bibles that are by their beds, under the family room sofa or still left in the car and bring them out.  Also I've been slacking on Sunday School and Awana stuff so I'll do that today as well. Get my clothes I'm wearing and get them together and ask hubby what's he doing.  (I know...I DON'T dress my husband and probably should...but that's another story.)  Also I already have my children's church stuff ready and at the church so that's done.  I help out in Sunday School so I don't have to do a lesson but I do study my 5 yr olds lesson.  My 10 yr old needs to find his quarterly so I've got to find that too.  Maybe I need to print this blog to remind me of what I've got to do.  

Food is easy.  I made the biggest chili know to man.  We had it Thursday, and we'll have some spaghetti tonight and tomorrow and well...guess what...that chili is coming back Sunday evening before Awana.  We always eat out Sunday after church.  (sometimes Subway, sometimes a nice restaurant but since it's Bill's birthday we are having a pizza party after church (my hubby is such a kid.))

O.k. so bottom line is to have a peaceful Sunday you need to have your act together earlier in the week.  Ladies...let's make the Lord's day a peaceful one.

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Everybody's Mama said...

Very nice reminder and one I can't hear often enough. I am awful about waiting until the last minute. And every time I truly think I have it under control...until that last minute when I obviously do not have it under control! But I am really working on this so thanks for the ideas. Have a wonderful weekend with your family!