Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday night review for morning.

O.k. everything is ready except my middle son's Sunday School quarterly.  My oldest son didn't do all of his laundry. Clothes are ready for tomorrow.  Family room has a few stray legos on the floor (see post below on cleaning Bill's leg). Awana stuff is not completed but was attempted (My middle one is prone to distraction as well.) And it's 9 PM and 2 out of 3 are in bed and totally asleep.  Now I've to got move on over and play the heavy parent and get my middle one out of the legos and into the bed.  The only reason he's not on the computer is one...I'm on it...and two...he knows it's bedtime and thinks if he plays softly I won't notice.

Well I've noticed.  

I'll bet money there's going to be a comeback when I tell him it's time for bed.  (We're working on back talk...can't you tell.)

I type pretty fast so I'm going to dictate what he says...
9:08 p.m. PST - In family room - I say, "Nathan, it's time to go to bed."
9:08 p.m. PST - "Uh huh." He groaned.
9:08 p.m. PST I say it again..."Nathan, time to go to bed."
9:09 p.m. PST "You already said that." (His tone was borderline disrespectful but I'm not letting him pull me into a fight.)
I say, (Still calmly) "Yeah - but you need to go to sleep now."
9:09 p.m. PST - O.k. he walked off to his bed.  No asking for water, bathroom, matching pajamas, nothing...
He must know I'm typing about him. :)

Let's check back in a half hour to see if he has tried to sneak back to the family room to get on the computer.  

Oh pooh - I forgot to tell him to clean up the legos.  Great.  Now you know who's going to have to get those up.  I'm out of here...I need to make sure he brushed his teeth.

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