Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sometimes they are sooooo cute.

So this morning I'm trying a new discipline technique of having my children write an essay when they've done something wrong.  They received this honor after bullying the 5 yr old.  They basically were trying to scare them with a figurine of mine and just being typical jerky brothers.  Anyhow...I kept saying "I want the essay  done...get the essay done...come on now...where's my essay?"  Somehow the 5 year old thought this essay thing was quite exciting since BOTH brothers were doing it!  He grabbed a piece of computer paper from the printer, took a pencil and dutifully scribbled and wrote his essay.

"Mom...I'm finished my essay?"  Bry said.  "You are." I tried to beam with pride. Since I was still irritated at the older ones.    "Bry, Let me see your work."  

When he proudly handed me his paper...he had his famous train drawing at the top and this written at the bottom..."S" "A".
Needless to say, that was the best "essay" ever.

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