Friday, November 21, 2008

family devotion outcome

There are many ways to do family devotions.  I think it was becoming a burden because I was having them sit down while B read the bible and we didn't allow them to ask questions or do read arounds...etc.  Now that we are being more inclusive...I hope we are faithful.  I had them read the chapter they wanted to do...then act it out.  We are starting with the life of Jesus and going from there.  Family life Today has some great tips on family devotions and so does

if you want to see our outcome...go to 
Click on the family devotion links.  Blessings.

Also today is the start of the weekend.  Things will be hectic.  I will have another boy in tow B's friend from Oceanside, and the little B and big B are off school.  Pray for me. - No school today...yeah :)

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