Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanks for the comments...

In response to Wednesday...Well I emailed almost every mom hoping to get 1 or 2 comments. WOW! You seasoned moms have a wealth of knowledge. There is no good books on timeframes for discipline so first of all THANKS! I like the idea of the essay...never even thought of that. That will be done in the future fo' sure. Also I see that a week was a bit long. I have to carry it out now...but I'll know next time. He won't be playing his gameboy with the others boys Saturday but I'll encourage them to go to the park or hang out in the backyard so he won't be so left out. Thanks again.

Also someone asked about family devotions. I told the boys what I was trying to do...revamp our family devotions because they were too dull and they came up with acting out bible stories. Tonight we will start our revised devotion time. B. is at school conferences until 7:30 so I'm flying solo. I don't know what Ney and Wm. will coming up with....I hope it isn't from 1 Samuel...they love the gore and killings so I'm hoping it's not Saul's death reenactment or David and Goliath. :)

My thought for the day..."Become a joy germ and infect everyone around you!" I got that from my daily splashes of Joy by Barbara Johnson. I'll be back to my typical rambling tomorrow.

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No problem Lo. Glad I could help.