Monday, November 17, 2008

Ohhhh..those yellow shoes?

This morning while I was in the grocery store debating over lamb meat vs. beef I saw this lady walk right pass me.  Her hair was cut in a cute bob and she was about my size.   She was sporting a bright yellow sweater and BRIGHT YELLOW SHOES!  I wouldn't have even noticed her but ohhhh those shoes.  In her right hand dangled a large balloon boutique.  No doubt it was probably going to some co-worker for some one's birthday.  There she was...the reverse image of me several years ago.  Now we all know I've been wanting some yellow shoes for quite some time.  In years' past,  I would have had the cash to just go out and get them.  Now that I'm watching my pennies and we're raising 3 boys...that's not happening.

Well I hope she enjoys those shoes.  The yellow shoes will be out of style in a minute.  Right now I don't even want to buy any yellow shoes because they aren't cutting edge anymore and they'd be half my grocery budget for the week.  Those balloons she got her co-worker will be long gone and I'll have made this day another memory in the minds of my boys with a hot beef stew for dinner before we go Christian skating tonight.  

Hey stay at home moms...don't worry about those yellow shoes in your life.  If you were into (insert-leisure activity-you liked to do before you came home here).   Those days are gone but looks what we've traded it for.  We might have a structured routine, but there is order.  We might have to wash dishes ALL THE TIME, but praise God we can turn on the faucet ANYTIME to do it.  We are always doing laundry - but we have a washing machine.   There is nothing like a thank you when you've prepared or found something for your kids.  That's the sweetest sound I know.  God is good all the time and let's remember that...yellow shoes or not.  Blessings.


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