Monday, November 10, 2008

Fashion fashionistas shining brightly

Sassy young carmel colored girl, strutting down the runway brushes her braids out of her eyes. She's walking and holds the pose as her proud mother flashes the bulb of her camera.  She's smiles and swings her young hips back and forth in her rust sweater and brown jeans.  For this moment in time, all eyes are on her and she is enjoying the cheers from the christian ladies in the audience.  For this moment in time, she isn't the quiet mousey girl that others in school sometimes ignore.  For this moment she isn't the granddaughter who just lost her loving grandmother.  For this moment in time...she's the star of the show.  

Young stay-at-home mom walks down the runway in a stylish black dress and her bobbed hair is washed in brown tones.  Her ivory skin is aglow.  She's walking and switching her hips, which usually have a baby on the side.  Well there isn't a baby in sight today.  She's young, clean and fresh, and not burdened down with bills, bottles or bratty teens.  She's walking not just for the moms, but for the big girls who never lost all that baby weight.    She's walking for the woman who gave up their expensive college education to stay home without societal validation.  She's walking cause she's the star of the show. Janette

Young looking - middle aged dark sienna brown woman struts down the runway in a fierce gray suit and her hair is fierce too.  She's walking and switching her hips and relishing in the cheers of the ladies in the crowd.  She's aging, but doing it gracefully with class and style.  She's walking not just for the single ladies, but for the ones who don't need the validation of a man to be validated.  She's walking for the single mothers who are survivors.  She's walking for the mothers, aunts and sisters who aren't living close to their family and home.  She's walking because one day she won't be able to strut her stuff like she can now.  She's walking because she's a beautiful star of the show.

60 year old grandmother, looking like she's 45 bobs down the runway in a red pants suit.  Her asian tones always hid her age.  She's walking and switching her hips and feeling great to be alive with no hunger pains.  She's walking not just for the divorced ladies, but for the women who have had to struggle to make it.  She's walking for the ones who came to this country with broken accents, and educations, and have to start from square one.  She's walking for the ones who go to church alone...with their husbands at home.  She's walking because she's the star of the show.

Two elderly grand and great grandmothers are walking in the show.  Both gray haired and pale skinned.  They receive the most cheers...the loudest claps...the greatest applause.  They have survived children passing, husbands passing, parents passing, and friend after friend passing away.  The gingerly walk with arthritis and hip replacements, with love and sincerity.  They walk with determination from the depression and deeping faith from 70...80...90 plus years of being in a human body.  They walk for they're grateful for just waking up in the morning.  They walk because they know soon they too will be unable to move.  They walk because they are the stars of the show.

All these ladies walk, switch, and strut because they know that Jesus is the light that shines on them...making them stars of the show.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

These ladies are shining because of Jesus in their lives...
they all sound Dignified and Sanctified.
How marvelous you write giving these women the respect they so deserve, how gracious of you to write such lovely words of Recognition.

Be Blessed

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this in here. I'm not sixty yet.