Sunday, November 09, 2008

Autumn leaves and eternal contentment

I really do love autumn.  In Ojai, where I use to work, the streets had trees blazing with reds, greens, golds and every shade of orange I could image.  As I traveled from audit to audit, I would always be so relaxed driving by large maples or huge trees that seemed to practically glow from within.  

I had the same experience this weekend with a spiritual twist.  Our church hosted over 60 ladies dressed in various golden browns, vibrant greens, and striking golds as they took over the church for a fall conference.   Our goal was to take a respite from life and bask in the glow of God's autumn creation.  The focus was the bible and how we can be content in all seasons of our lives.  The fellowship, faith building, and even frantic preparations were blessed.

I always enjoy a diversion from my daily routine for a conference. Iit forces me to focus attention on the Lord in a concentrated effort.  Then we can take those jolts of concentration and build on them...pray the bible others about the things of God more.  That's why conferences and times away from our routines are needed. They take us from the daily grind and force us to notice the beauty and bounty that God has given us. 

We were blessed with inspired speaking, tasty food, and great fellowship.  I love talking and getting to know other women and others getting to know me.  One day when we sit in heaven, with no more time, trails, or things of distraction, we'll have eternity to know God, talk to Jesus and everyone else who loves and praises our Creator.  We'll be in eternal contentment with the Lord, our saved loved ones who have passed, and all of God's elect.  It will be a constant season with no end.  Now that's an awesome thought to think about.

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