Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Change will slowly happen

My 13 year old woke up saying this yesterday,  "Change will slowly happen."  He was talking about our house.  Since we've been here we've slowly started changing the appliances, we've torn out carpet, and we're preparing rooms for painting.  It's sort of an ongoing remodel.   The way we're slowly taking our time changing things around the house makes me think of how my 13 year old is changing as well.  Some changes I just can't control.  He's getting taller.  His voice is getting deeper and he's becoming a man right before my eyes.  Some changes I can control...well not totally.  I can still control what he watches, where he goes, and who he goes with.  I can control if he gets his homework done or if he has enough money for lunch.  Eventually those controls will fade too and I will have to relegate myself to praying and watching from the sidelines.  When that day happens how will I cope with the fact that I won't know what my child is doing every moment.  I pray that I raised him with enough Godly sense to somehow make it in this world.  I better get ready...change is slowly happening.

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