Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What will last forever?

I have a peach rose bush in my backyard. It belonged to my mom and when she passed, I dug it up from her house and carried it to my apartment I was renting. When we left there, I took it to my duplex. When we moved out of there, I brought it to the house I live in today. Right now I can count 5 flowers just about to bud. The peach color of this flower is so delicate and airy. I really love flowers, but espeically roses. I hope one day I'll have a huge rose garden where I can grow all sorts of roses all year long.

The bible says that we are like grass and flowers. "As for man, his days are like grass, he flourishes like a flower in the field; the wind blows over it and it is gone, and its place remembers it no more." Psalm 103:15-16.

Our lives are like my peach flowers, we will only be on this earth a short time. Think about that. The majority of the things we do in our day will not even matter in heaven. The clothes we wear...The songs we sing...The websites we go too. What we watch on tv and what we eat won't matter. So many things just won't mean anything in heaven.

Let's be grateful that we're still living and we can do things that will matter in heaven. Give others the Word of the Lord in whatever way you can today.

“For, "All men are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of the Lord stands forever." And this is the word that was preached to you.”
- 1 Peter 1:24-25

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