Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Family night

Tuesday is the only night we get to eat as a family before 6 p.m. Usually Mondays and Thursdays we eat at 6:30, Saturdays and Sundays we eat a quick "dinner" snack around 4 p.m. and Wednesdays and Fridays all 5 of us don't eat together at all. Wed. B comes home from school at 5 and either leaves for church or back for coaching. (Praise the Lord this is the last week). Fridays he comes home at 5, picks up our oldest and heads to the church after picking up kids. So Tuesday nights are our favorite night.

Last night on TV was a Charlie Brown special. The boys were so excited. It doesn't matter if we have it downloaded on my iPod for them to watch...when we all watch it on the t.v. it seems more fun. I was going to apologize for us only watching it on 19 inches - but I bit my tongue. Sure it would be nice to have a bigger screen - but in the long run 19 inches of tv, some hot cider, and homemade carmel popcorn was a great treat. B and I hadn't made it in over 15 yrs. It's really simple and tasty, but the timing is tricky!
Here's the homemade carmel popcorn recipe link:

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