Thursday, October 30, 2008

What we spend our time on...

Yesterday I went 70 miles in about 70 minutes... trying to beat traffic, deal with crazy drivers, and a car companion that doesn't talk unless talked to. I made my destination...late and walked into the last great American past time...the mall. With giddy abandon I made my way through the woman's department, juniors, purses, shoes and met my party. We looked, messed with, and generally laughed at what we were looking for. They had already put their outfits together and were at the tail end. Accessories were accessorized, purses were styled and shoes were thought of. Much time was spend on an outfit that's going to be seen for about 2 minutes.

I just found out my cousin passed away. This was a man who would have seriously done some styling to anything he wore. He was known for being strong willed and determined...and meticulous when it came to his styles. He wouldn't have thought twice traveling across the southland to window shop or even be there to support others. I haven't seen him in years but somehow I sense a loss. His only sister is the only real big sister I've ever known. You see his dad, my uncle, came from California all the way to Mississippi to see my mom graduate high school and when she step off the graduation stage, she packed her bags and left for California the same day. My uncle was one for fashion as well. My mom and uncle have long passed and now my cousin has too. Shopping and clothes seem so insignificant right now. Will a fashion show, or nice flyers be hay and stubble in God's righteous kiln? I don't know but I know what we do for Christ will be the only thing that last.

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