Friday, October 31, 2008

Hot water

Most people are either tea lovers or coffee drinkers. I'm a little weird in the fact that I like both...equally. I love the rich taste of coffee and the gentle and mellow taste of a good tea. Many times people know I like tea and so they give me a little bag here and a little bag there.

This morning I took my tea bag and poured the hot water into my favorite black and white mug. Looking at the steam through my weary eyes I thought about how God uses our lives like tea bags. We sit on the shelf and wait for life to happen to us. While we're there God takes us and puts us in some hot water. We lose a loved one, a job...or maybe a tooth. We experience intense pain and suffering and wonder what's happening to us. We have more month but not enough money or our kids are doing whatever and we can't control it because they're "grown". Your kids kids is driving you crazy because they don't want to live with mom or dad anymore. Even you're own mom or dad aren't going with program...they're getting old, needing help and refusing to accept it. It's only in the hot water that the dried herbs of our lives can reconstitute and flavor the water we're in. Without the hot water, without the trials, without the heat...we can't become a flagrant nourishment for others.

Remember that the next time you're in hot water.

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