Monday, October 27, 2008


I am trying not to get excited, but I was talking to Ro on the phone and she said that her and C might try to come down in the month of November.

I got so excited! - you have to have some 80s music playing while you read this!

You see we all have friends that we see weekly, whether it's through our children's activities, church, work, and school - but we know we've all got those Ole' timey friends that know us from WWAAAYYY back! Ro is one of them!

She's hilarious! She has actually survived living with me, being in my wedding, watching my kids, and vacationing together. I've survived living with her, praying her through her separation, and watching her son.

I wish we lived closer. No I take that back...we'd get into it's better we live far apart.

That's why when she said she might come down I got excited...when you don't see someone for a while...getting together makes everything so sweet. With all that said...I hope she comes down.

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