Sunday, October 26, 2008

Christian Worship

Worshiping God come in many different forms. Have you ever been out in nature and it seems that the rocks, mountains, vast fields and even the ocean is crying out "God is awesome." I haven't been out in nature much but when I'm there that's what the trees and birds are saying.

Many times on Sunday we Christians are sitting in church worshiping with our feeble attempt to grow closer to God. We bring him the best and worst of us and we try and try. One type of music over another isn't the issue. The issue really is...are we worshiping God in spirit and truth? Do we use the church as a place of worship or our own personal country club? Do we really know the people that are around us?

I don't think the early church is anything like what we have going today. In our climate controlled, pristine buildings I know we've lost sight of the original message of the church. With that being said, we can still bring God the best offering...ourselves.

It's Sunday...time to go and Worship the Lord in Spirit and

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