Monday, October 06, 2008

staying with the group

Today someone choose not to stay with the group we were with. I'm not going to name names...but they are 10 yrs old, and enjoys skateboarding and the beach. Anyway, Ney decided to wander off because he had a different agenda. He'd plan on walking around the farm...going to the corn maze and then make his way back to the pigs. The rest of us were walking in the farm...going to the chickens and then going to the maze. We found him after a few minutes and he kept saying..."If you guys did things my wouldn't have to look for me." How many people do we know who do that? They plan on being with a group and then when the group dynamic happens...they go off an do things there way. All of us have a little of that in us. Today I'm really going to strive on doing things God way. It's going to be hard...because I've already messed up and the devil is going to use that trying to shame me. Regardless of that, what can I do today that would be considered doing things God's way?

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