Sunday, October 19, 2008

Remember who you keep company with!

Today I had the chore of hanging with people I don't like to be around...and people I LOVE being around. The careful thing you have to do is not end up like standing in the seat of the scornful. It's a hard thing to do. You say you're going to do your best with how you act,, what you say, your motives and attitudes...but birds of a feather...end up flocking together. It's hard not being slanderous when people seem to steer you into those directions.

My boys were pretty rowdy today and it seemed like the more one did something...the other fed off that and started in as well. At times I didn't know if the oldest was even acting the age of his youngest brother. You know how it is when boys really get going.

Remember our challenge from a few days ago? Nothing is suppose to come out of our mouths unless it's beneficial. Well you keep working on it...and I will too! To help us do this...we need to be handing around the type of people that build up others and not take every opportunity to knock others down. Let's look to God to be the judge and keep our gavels at bay. Blessings and let me know how you're doing with the using your words to help others and not keep them down.

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Anonymous said...

You know most people are the same way. The older you get you realize you don't have to be around people you like. You're still young. I liked you're other blog better because it was more personal - but I'll keep reading this one as well.