Sunday, October 05, 2008

Our Awana Commander

I'm still coming down from the Awana training high of yesterday.  My hubby is right...Regardless of the awana year...whether big or small...when kids memorize is a blessing to us all!  I love being with God's people. One person I'm thanking God for this morning is our Awana Commander.  A former Mississippian (I won't hold that against her - since my mom is buried there),  with a figure that you know was a serious coke bottle back in the day.  She's now a petite size plus grandmother blond and slightly gray should length hair.  She ALWAYS has a smile for me when I see her.   She doesn't have kids at our church because they're grown.  She's always serving, always helping, and looking good while she's serving others.   She serves in many other areas of our church and I wish I could recognize everyone that has been a blessing to my family and to me...but today, I'm thanking God for Peg.  

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