Saturday, October 04, 2008

Awana Training

Bee a servant - was the theme for Awana training this year.  It was fun to be out of the house without the boys, but I was ready to go home and get back in the trenches by the end of the day.  I remember that I was planning on sitting next to the fire and doing absolutely NOTHING when it dawned on me.  When I get home, I need to BEE a servant to my family.  B will be tired with having parented the boys through Saturday and he'll need a break.  Bry will be ready to jump on me and show me what he did through the day.  Little B and Ney will have some fight they were in and will want a referee.  I'm sure that the house has exploded in the meantime.

When I entered the door...not only was there no noise...but the house was CLEANER than I left it.  YES!!! Cleaner than I left it.  There was NO TOYS on the family room floor.  The boys had done the Saturday deep cleaning to their rooms (helped by Bill)...and the living room was picked up.  It looks like someone was serving ME while I was learning how to SERVE them. They had gone out to dinner...(there was food in the freezer...but my family will RUN to take out if given the choice.) and I was alone.   The time giving to me gave me time to reflect on how I could serve my family and others MORE in the moment and with a more joyful heart.  As soon as I started thinking... I heard doors slamming and the boys coming up the front step.  Time to get serving, I'm glad they're home.

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