Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lunch at D's

A few days ago a friend of mine invited me over for lunch. She has a small cottage style house and it's always warm and inviting. The menu was an asian chicken salad. There we were laughing, eating, and talking about our husbands, kids, and just life in general. If you know me, I loved to laugh. That hour was a great interruption in the middle of a busy day. We were feeling pretty cocky talking about how things were going well and that our families were planning to travel together sometime next year.

Shortly after that day, her mother died. Just like that. No preparations, nothing. A week after that, my mother-in-law passed away. Life has turned on a dine in just a short time for both our families. We haven't been out for Thai with our kids in a while and I haven't had time to return her lunch hospitality yet. She called yesterday checking in and we both decided that we were feeling a little low. In the valley of our lives it's nice to know that you don't walk alone.

Even if she wasn't in a valley at this time in our lives, we really aren't alone. God is there in the little things. I got an email from a Christian sister this morning that really set the tone of my day. God knew that I needed that email and made sure I got it. I turned on the radio in the car and the preacher was really speaking just to me. God knew that too. God is in the little things in our lives if we just realize that. In Thessolians it says that we are to be content with such things as we have for the Lord will never leave you or forsake you. (If your child is in Awana they learn that in the second grade) Remember to let God orchestrate your day and remember that all the things...good or bad come together to ultimately glorify Him.

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