Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Are we really content?

Every Monday night the boys and B make their own pizzas for dinner. They've got the sauce, the cheese, the tomatoes and the only rule is you need two vegetables on top. Since I was out of town, we were low on everyone's favorites and you KNOW they were all grumbling and complaining. "Mom, where are my mushrooms?", "Did you get the small broccoli?", "Why do you only have green onions?", "Can I get a red peeper up in here?". The whining went on and on. Finally it dawned on me. The entire purpose of the original pizzas were putting together what you had around the kitchen and eating it. I explained that to everyone, but it was to no avail.

You know, we Christians here in America are like that. We aren't content. Our houses have to be HGTV perfect, our cars have to be under 5 years old, we want new clothes and new stuff for our kids. Even in church...What?! You don't have Awanas? Your kids don't go to Mexico every spring? You don't have juice and donuts in between services? We want everything we THINK we need, but in reality we need to put together the things we have, enjoy them, and learn to be content with what we have. That doesn't mean we stop trying to improve on what's there. It means we're to be joyful with what we've got at this point in time.

The boys made their pizza and ate them. It takes so long to make pizza that by the time they are made, they'll eat just about anything. Maybe God does the same with us, maybe me makes us wait patiently for somethings so when we finally get them, we take them without complaining and are grateful for them.


Anonymous said...

This is so true. I am very blessed with living comfortably and I still feel like I need more. I think it's in the nature of every American. We like our stuff.

Anonymous said...

Lori I have the same sentiments. We aren't really content here in America. I've seen other countries and we are so spoiled. Remeember the izod shirts? I can't believe I brought that back. Check my blog next Saturday I will be doing a live chat on contentment.-Jules