Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Football, flags and being friendly with family

Today Bry has football practice. You see there's one thing that he's really good at...crashing into others. He waits with a sickening glee in his eye. "Is it defense mommy?" And when I tell him that it's time to block...he goes at it. He's crashing into others and making sure that he grabbing flags. He just likes to go at it. Sometimes he gets so wrapped up in going at it that Bry grabs flags from his own team, injuring folks who are on his own side.

Who's on your side that you're injuring? Who are you close to that ends up getting hurt time after time because you're too worried about doing what you want to do...when you want to do it? I've noticed that we are really great at keeping a cute face, at school, at work, at church, during cub scouts or soccer...but when we get home when we're with our family...we end up grabbing their flags and not considering their needs.

God wants us to be genuine on the inside of our houses as well as at work or school. He wants us to be grabbing flags from the enemy, not hurting our own team members. Whose flag do you need to keep your hands off of?

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